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Fastsecret calories counter

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Beyond the objective to be reached, FatSecret proposes to join a true community of "eating well". After creating an account and entering your personal settings (age, sex, height, weight, activity level, and food goal), the application automatically calculates the Recommended Daily Value, also called RRV. The latter is your daily allowance of calories based on the goal you entered in the app.
FatSecret is like the Facebook of the diet. The home page has a wall on which the status of other users is displayed. You can therefore, as on any social network, subscribe to the profiles of other members, comment on their publications and publish your own statuses. The second tab in the app focuses on your weight chart trend, which you fill in every time you weigh yourself. And that's the diary you need to access to enter your meals.

FatSecret's interface is simple but clean, and finding food is a snap. Simply enter the name of the product consumed, or scan its barcode to access nutritional information and add the product to your list. The application allows you to select all of the foods of the same meal at once and enter the number of portions for each at once before validating. A summary of your day is generated at the bottom of the log and shows you the breakdown in macronutrients consumed (carbohydrates, fats and proteins) over the day. The detailed report allows you to go further since it is possible to check whether or not you have exceeded your goal.

Finally, if you're lacking inspiration in crafting healthy meals, FatSecret has a cookbook featuring dozens of community-shared recipes. Each dish has a detailed sheet in which you will find all the nutritional information. Note that it is possible to filter your search by scrolling past the most recent recipes, to only display recipes for breakfasts, lunches, snacks, etc.

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