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Fried sardine from Luana Belmondo

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Find the recipe of Luana Belmondo, presented in the RTL program regale you.


500 g sardines without head or central bone
100 g anchovies
Ā½ lemon juice
50 g flour
1 egg
100 g breadcrumbs Parsley Oregano Olive oil

PREPARATION: Preparation 20 min

1. In a bowl prepare the marinade by mixing the chopped anchovies, chopped parsley, oregano, lemon juice and olive oil. Emulsify well.

2. Pour the sardines into a dish. Let stand in the fridge for 1 hour.

3. Take a sardine, pass in the flour, in the beaten egg and in the breadcrumbs. Repeat for all the sardines. Fry, serve immediately.

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