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Gift guide for ages 12 and up

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They are no longer children… but not yet adults. Sometimes we don’t know how to please our 12 and over! These 10 ideas should help you keep the title of “World’s Coolest Mom”.

KUBE photo frame
For the social teen
Your teenager does not want to choose between his lover and a friend of his? This gift is perfect and will not discriminate, since your child can insert six different photos. It is an original gift and a beautiful decoration to put on the work desk or the nightstand.

Heavy therapeutic blanket
For the anxious teenager
Teens have not been spared by the pandemic. These beings who are in the midst of social development found themselves faced with great loneliness. Therapeutic blankets can be very calming for young people who suffer from anxiety or insomnia.

The blanket is sold on the Espace online store for $ 269.99. ** An expensive gift, but a good investment!

Reusable Stram straws
For the eco-responsible teenager
Save the Turtles is a phrase that comes up often among young people today. The overuse of plastic has a big impact on the environment, and it is one of the first concerns of our little humans. Stram reusable straws are made of high-quality stainless steel and are made here in Quebec.

Straws are sold on the Stram online store for $ 12.99 for two or $ 15.99 for four

Boombox wireless speaker
For the teenager who loves music
Today, almost all youth aged 12 and over own a smartphone. Considering that music is very therapeutic for teens, and long-term headphones are not recommended, this wireless speaker really is the perfect gift.

Available at the L’Invent online store for $ 55.99

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