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Food traditionnel


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-50g self raising flour
-20g vanilla whey protein
-2 whole eggs
-150ml unsweetened almond milk
-vanilla essence

filling & strawberry chia jam;
-greek yogurt @sungloyoghurt
-50g strawberry
-1/4tbsp @ 3/4tsp granulated sweetener (i used erythritol)
-1/4tbsp @ 3/4tsp chia seeds
-1tbsp honey
-more strawberries (for deco)

1. Make crepes per usual (can refer to my prev reels).

2. Microwave strawberry for 3 mins(1min-mash and repeat 3 times), add chia, sweetener and honey. Set aside.

3. Cut the crepe edges (i use 4” measurement), layer up each crepe with yogurt (depends on your liking, made mine with thin layer of yog) & chia jam.


4. Spread yog at the top and cover all the surface with yog.

5. Pour chia jam on top and deco the side with more strawberries. Chill and enjoy~

Okay at this moment y’all already know i love joining collab  do dm me if you guys want to make any i’ll be happy to hop in!

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