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Holographic hair: the latest trend in the absolutely gorgeous beauty

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From gray hair colorations to blonde highlights, the current year has seen many twists and turns when it comes to hair fashion, especially with the emergence of social media and the multitude of services offered by experts. New trends continue to emerge, giving way to creativity, and drawing inspiration from past fashions. What about holographic fashion when applied to hair. Discover this new trend in metallic gradients in vogue on social networks and beauty websites, especially AuFéminin.

In fact, holographic fashion isn’t exclusive to hair. It is all styles of clothing, hair, and therapy that permeate it. Indeed, metallic clothes are a hit just as much as sneakers and colorful manicures with nuances that could blow you away. And if “the future was created to be changed” in the words of Paulo Coelho, we could believe that metallic hair is a real futuristic change for all lovers of new hair trends and all courageous women who do not hesitate to try new experiences. Zoom on this absolutely surprising and magnificent new discovery, which is attracting more and more bloggers!

Fabrics with holographic effects are nothing new, and everyone surely remembers the sneakers with light effects very popular with young people during the 90s. Today promoted among the most inspiring trends, the new spellbinding fashion applies to hair, nails, clothing, and makeup. It is an art in its own right called “Holo” to which one could predict a future as bright as its nuances. And while holo nail art is relatively easy to achieve, it is not so obvious when it comes to achieving unicorn hair!

Holographic coloring: a mixture of pastel and metallic colors
“Holographic Hair” is the name given to “Ross Michael Salon”, a well-known American hair salon. Curious to discover the pastel and metallic colors that arrive straight from the United States, the experts in coloring and hairstyle on an international scale, did not hesitate to highlight this fashion, victim of its success, and widely broadcast on social networks, especially on Instagram under a hashtag which is particularly dedicated to him: #holographichair.

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