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½ liter of milk,
6 eggs,
100 grams of sugar,
Liquid caramel (150 grams sugar and half a cup of water to prepare it at home).


  1. As usual, we recommend that each of the preparation steps be followed as we are going to show you now. So that in this way the recipe can be successful and we are satisfied with the preparation,
  2. If you want to make the caramel at home, put the sugar and half a cup of water in a pot or metal casserole over medium heat. With a wooden spoon or palette, mix gently until it acquires a reddish tone. When this point is reached, it will be ready to remove from the heat. Let it cool a bit to room temperature and add it to the bottom and inner edges of the mold or flan to use,
  3. Then for the flan, put the eggs, milk and sugar in a bowl or deep bowl to mix them with the hand mixer,
  4. Then we proceed to add this mixture obtained in the mold or flanera that has been previously caramelized,
  5. The flan should be covered or sealed with aluminum foil so that no water enters the mixture due to the steam generated,
  6. It will take a bain-marie on the stove for half an hour or so or until it is well curdled. Remember to check with a toothpick by poking the flan to check if it is ready. Otherwise, leave a few more minutes if necessary so that it looks good,
  7. Remove from the heat when it has set completely and let it cool for a few minutes at room temperature. Then it is taken to the refrigerator for about two hours before unmolding and serving.

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