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Makeup Routine IN 10 MINUTE

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in fact, it is the first time that
I do make-up and light some
rubble that makes on the run nitro and
all the more meanwhile I changed
routine a little Jorge Macchi a lot
less I said to myself 'why the lighthouse
filmed the video where I'm really going
do you the make-up that I do
every day and all and I think
that it will be serious better so let's go
we go to video without further delay
and as usual, I told you
I have a crush on cream
Nivea soft

I use this one all the time
margin and a little bit everywhere and I go
fat come and assist at my
serge because in fact, I have the underside
du is dehydrated people me it is
really something crazy what’s the
the program I marked phew I
a lot of redness and all and I have
lots of freckles even though
it can be seen by region and I show it
poem to lift she is really thin


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