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Food traditionnel

Orange roast pork

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Practical information

Number of people 6
Preparation time15 minutes
Baking time1 hour 15
Degree of difficulty Easy


1 roast pork weighing
1.2 kg 3 oranges
20 cl Noilly-Prat
50 g butter
1 tsp. peanut oil nutmeg
2 sprigs rosemary salt and cracked pepper


1. Salt the roast pork. Heat the oil in a casserole dish, add 25 g of butter. Brown the roast over low heat on all sides for about 10 minutes.

2. Remove a large sliver of zest from an orange and cut it into thin sticks. Peel an orange raw (see Handling, page 88), remove the quarters. Squeeze the juice from the other 2 oranges. Book it.

3. Preheat the oven to th 6 (180 °). Remove the roast from the casserole dish.

4. In its place, pour the Noilly-Prat and after 5 minutes of cooking over moderate heat, add half the orange juice.

1 tbsp. teaspoon crushed pepper and 2 pinches of grated nutmeg.

Mix and pour everything over the roast pork placed on a gratin dish. Place in the oven. Cook 45 min, turning the meat every 15 min.

5. Meanwhile, prepare the zest, blanch them twice. 3 min each time, in boiling water, drain them. Pour the rest of the orange juice over the roast.

6. Place the orange wedges around it. Cook for another 15 min. Remove the roast from the dish, add the remaining butter and zest, mix.

7. Roll the roast in this juice sprinkle with sprigs of rosemary. Serve.

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