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What are the eating habits in India?

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Indian cuisine varies from region to region, the north of the country not having the same eating rituals as the south, for example. Religion also influences the content of the plate, with India being one of the countries with the most vegetarians in the world.

A plural Indian cuisine
While each region has its specificities, the fact remains that spices, fruits and vegetables, and herbs occupy a central place in Indian cuisine. “Masala” is the spice blend commonly used in vegetarian and meat dishes, including “curries” served with rice and a hot sauce. It contains cinnamon, anise, cloves, turmeric, and many more flavors. The โ€œpanch phoranโ€ is a mixture of mustard seeds, fenugreek, and nigella, reserved for fish. Northern India eats more meat and refined grains like wheat, but pork and beef are excluded due to religious prohibitions.


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