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Christmas recipe

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For end-of-year celebrations that smell of tradition, bet on an unmissable Christmas recipe. A beautiful capon stuffed with apples, figs, and chestnuts, a generous garnish of seasonal vegetables, and here is a complete recipe to put on the table to delight the guests. The bonus? Complete or modify the topping at will according to the tastes of the guests!

1 emptied capon of about 3 kg
300 g parsley sausage meat
200 g of chicken livers
500 g of Brussels sprouts
10 potatoes
10 apples
6 dates or prunes, pitted
1 box of natural chestnuts
3 shallots
50 g softened butter
20 cl of chicken broth
Olive oil
Salt pepper

30 min
3 hrs

Preheat the oven to 210 ° C. During this time, peel, seed and slice the apples. Peel the shallots.

Mix the diced apple with the shallots, dates, sausage meat, chicken livers, half the drained chestnuts, salt, and pepper. Stuff the capon with this stuffing and tie it tightly. Brush it entirely with olive oil, then with softened butter, salt, and pepper. Bake for 2 hours, basting approximately every 20 minutes with a ladle of broth.

Wash the potatoes, peel them, and cut them into quarters. Prepare the Brussels sprouts by removing the damaged leaves and cutting the hardcore. After 2 hours of cooking, add the potatoes around the capon. Bake for another 30 minutes before adding the remaining chestnuts and Brussels sprouts. Cook for another 30 minutes. In all, count 1 hour of cooking per kilo of meat.

Serve the capon surrounded by its garnish in a festive dish!

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