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Cake chocolat

Dulce leche cake

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Dulce de leche cake πŸŽ‚πŸ₯›

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For the bottom layer of soft chocolate

sponge cake:

200 g of butter.
300 g of chocolate.
200 g of sugar (we can put 20 g of them in vanilla sugar).
5 eggs.
100 ml of coffee.
For the dulce de leche mousse:
Dulce de leche cake
150 g of dulce de leche.
500 ml of cream.
6 gelatin sheets.
100 ml of coffee.
100 g of icing or icing sugar.
For the coverage:
150ml cream cheese (Philadelphia type)
150ml liquid cream.
75g icing or icing sugar

Step-by-step homemade recipe for dulce de leche cake:

We begin by buttering the tart mold that we will use.
Now we go with the layer of chocolate


Heat the coffee, together with the chocolate (cut into small pieces) and the butter (in cubes) in the microwave. We will put 500W of power and we will put it for a minute, after that time we take it out of the microwave and stir, we will repeat this step until the chocolate is completely undone and a uniform cream remains. (We booked).

Beat the eggs well with the sugar until obtaining a whitish cream.
Combine the egg and sugar cream with the chocolate cream, and stir until perfectly integrated.

Fill the mold with this new mixture and bake at 160ΒΊ for one hour (preheated oven)
After that hour, open the oven but leave the cake in for another 5 minutes as the sudden change in temperature would greatly distort the shape. This way it will go down a bit but evenly. Then we take it out and let it cool completely at room temperature.

Let’s go with the mousse layer for our dulce de leche cake:
Whip the cream together with the icing or icing sugar (it’s easier if the cream is very cold).

We put to hydrate the gelatin in cold water.
Heat the coffee in the microwave with the dulce de leche and stir vigorously.
Undo the gelatin in the sweet with liquid and hot coffee. Let cool a bit.

Now we add a tablespoon of the cream and stir gently to integrate, then add the rest of the cream with encircling movements, until you obtain a uniform color.

We cover the chocolate cake base of the mold with that mixture and store in the fridge or refrigerator.

Once cold we prepare the covering layer of our dulce de leche cake:
Mix the cheese well with the sugar.
We mount the cream (it is easier if it is very cold).

Mix the cheese with the cream with enveloping movements until it is integrated.

We cover the cake mold with this cream and smooth it to make it beautiful. We reserve in the refrigerator or fridge.
To decorate, we simply heat some dulce de leche and with a spoon we drop lines over the dulce de leche cake.

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