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Galette des rois with caramelized pears

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2 puff pastry
3 pears
150 g ground almonds
150 g + 50 g caster sugar
150 g + 10 g soft butter
3 whole eggs 1 egg yolk

PREPARATION: Preparation 30 min Cooking 40 min

1. Peel and cut the pears in half. Core them and slice them into thick slices.

2. Melt 10 g of butter in a pan. Brown the pear slices until they are soft.

3. Sprinkle them with 50 g of caster sugar then remove from the heat.

4. Book.

5. Preheat the oven to 180 ° C.

6. Beat the whole eggs with 150 g caster sugar in a bowl.

7. Add the almond powder and 150 g of soft butter then mix well until you obtain a very homogeneous cream.

8. Roll out a first puff pastry in a pie dish covered with baking paper.

9. Distribute the pear slices over the pastry base.

10. Slide the bean on the pear slices.
11. Cover with the almond cream on the bottom of the pastry, leaving 1.5 cm at the edge.

12. Unroll the second puff pastry on the filling and adhere it to the first dough by pressing with your fingers on the edge.

13. Draw stripes on the cake with the tip of the knife, without piercing the dough.

14. Brush the galette with egg yolk using a brush.

15. Bake for 40 minutes, watching the cooking.

16. Enjoy lukewarm.

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