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Raspberry cake with cream cheese

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Raspberry cake with cream cheese

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Happy Sunday my lovelies
Now that I’ve turned 18  and had a great celebration with the family, I’d like to show you my cake

Ingredients for 1 cake

For the sponge cake:

• 6 eggs
• 150 g sugar
• 1 pack of vanilla sugar
• 170 g wheat flour
• 1 pack of baking powder

For the raspberry compote:

• 300 g raspberries, frozen
• 2 tbsp sugar
• 1 tbsp lemon juice
• 2 tsp cornstarch

For the filling and topping:

• 400 g whipped cream
• 125 g soft butter
• 4 tbsp sugar
• 1 pack.  Vanilla sugar
• 400 g cream cheese
• 250 g fresh raspberries

This is how it’s done:

1. Preheat the oven to 180 degrees (fan oven: 160 degrees). Line a springform pan (Ø 20 cm) with baking paper. Beat eggs, sugar and vanilla sugar on the highest setting until creamy.

Mix flour with baking powder, fold in carefully. Pour the dough into the pan, bake for 35 minutes, let cool, cut into 3 layers.

2. Raspberry compote: Heat raspberries, sugar and lemon juice. Mix 2 tablespoons of juice with cornstarch, add to the mixture, simmer briefly, let cool.

3. Filling: Beat the cream until stiff. Mix butter, sugar and vanilla sugar until creamy. Stir in the cream cheese. Fold in the cream.

4. Place the first sponge cake layer on the cake plate and enclose it with a ring. Spread a third of the cream and compote on top. Place the second layer on top, press down lightly, add the cream and compote again. 

Place the last layer on top and press down. Chill the cake for 1 hour. Remove the ring. Spread the remaining cream all over the cake, lightly marble with compote. Chill until serving and decorate as desired.

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