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500 g of wheat flour
60g butter
3 large eggs
200 ml of milk
150g white sugar
25g yeast
100g icing sugar
Sunflower oil
a pinch of salt


1. Before starting to prepare the sedans, you will have to cook the pastry cream and reserve it in a bowl until the end.

2. For the sedans, put the flour together with the sugar and salt in a large enough bowl.

3. Next, add the eggs, butter and previously crumbled yeast.

4. These ingredients should begin to mix, with surrounding movements, so that they are integrated.

5. When you have a dough, add half of the milk and then mix again.

6. After the dough is moderately soft, add the rest of the milk and mix again until sticky.

7. Once ready, make a ball with the resulting dough and let it rest for approximately 40 minutes.

8. After this time the dough will be fermented, so it will have to be kneaded with your hands to remove the gas it contains.

9. After having kneaded it, separate it into small and equal portions.

10. Later, they will begin to make balls with the small portions, and then flatten them a little on a smooth surface.

11. Next, grease and flour a baking pan, where the balls will be placed and left to rest for 50 minutes.

12. In a frying pan, pour enough sunflower oil and heat for a couple of minutes.

13. When the oil is at its point, begin to incorporate the sedans very carefully.

14. These sedans should be turned and cooked on all sides, then take them out and put them on absorbent paper.

15. After they are completely cold, carefully open them with a serrated knife and fill them with pastry cream.

16. Finally, sprinkle a little icing sugar on top and serve as desired.

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