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Beef recipe

Breaded beef

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Breaded beef

Milanesa de res is a classic Argentine dish that consists of beef fillets that are breaded and then fried to a crispy texture.  It is commonly served with lemon slices and accompanied by French fries or salad.  Its origin is attributed to the influence of Italian cuisine in Argentina.


• 4 thin beef steaks

• Salt and pepper to taste

• 1 cup of wheat flour

• 2 eggs

• 1 cup of breadcrumbs (or ground biscuit)

• Vegetable oil for frying

Before preparing beef Milanese, be sure to season the meat well with salt, pepper, and garlic to enhance its flavor.  Also, pass the pieces through beaten egg and breadcrumbs to achieve a crunchy and delicious breading.


1. Clean the beef steaks and dry them with kitchen paper.

2. Season both sides of the fillets with salt and pepper to taste.

3. In three deep plates, place the wheat flour in one, the beaten eggs in another and the breadcrumbs (or ground crackers) in the third.

4. Dredge each fillet first in the wheat flour, making sure it is completely covered.

5. Next, dip the fillet into the beaten eggs.

6. Finally, cover the fillet with the breadcrumbs or ground crackers, pressing so that it adheres well.

7. If you have time, you can refrigerate the breaded Milanese for at least 30 minutes.  This helps the breading to stick better and the milanesas to be crispier when fried.

8. Heat enough vegetable oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat.

9. Fry the beef milanesas until golden brown on both sides, approximately 3-4 minutes per side, depending on the thickness of the milanesas.

10. Place the fried Milanese on absorbent paper to eliminate excess oil.

11. Serve hot and accompany with lemon, salad, rice or garnishes of your choice.

And ready!  Now you can enjoy some delicious beef milanesas.  Enjoy!

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