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Cheesburger Cake

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Cheesburger Cake

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Cheesburger Cake is definietly not recipe for Vegetarians but it’s best idea for big Party! Surprise your Friends or Familly and serve them The Biggest Cheesburger That They Ever Seen! The Bun is so soft and Meat very delicious and juicy. Try this at home and tell me how do you like it!    



480g of Flour   
300ml of Water   
50g of Butter   
1 Egg   
12g of Dry Yeast   
1 TSP of Salt   
1 TSP of Sugar   
Milk and Sesame on Top   

Resting time: 45-60min   
Baking: 180\*C\[360F\] for 30 minutes   


500g Grounded Beef   
1 Big Onion   

250g of Cheddar   
Pinch of Salt and Sugar into Onion   
1 TBSP of Lard   
2 TBSP of Ketchup   
2 TBSP of Mustard   
½ TSP of Salt   


1. Mix  flour, salt, egg, sugar, yeast and gradually add water – the dough will be very sticky at the beginning, but do not add flour, after kneading for about 10-12 minutes the dough will be so stable.   
2. After the first kneading, add the chopped butter – preferably it should be soft, it will make it easier for us. Knead again – another 3-5 minutes.   
3. Put the dough aside, covering it with plastic wrap for about 45-60 minutes. It has to double the volume.   
4. During this time, fry the meat – preferably in lard (a large spoon) over medium heat.   
5.Do not move the meat too much, press it lightly – when it gets brown, turn it over and then grind it   
6. Put the meat in a bowl and in the pan we have to caramelize the onion – cut it into cubes, add a pinch of salt and sugar and wait until golden brown.   
7. Combine the meat with onions, ketchup, salt, pepper – here we can add spices, something spicy, herbs, generally favorite spices.   
8. We leave it to cool down.   
9. Go back to the dough – remove the air and divide it into two parts – large and small (small is to be after rolling the size of our cake tin or slightly smaller)   
10. First, take a large piece – roll it out not too thin. 

11. Put the bottom and sides in a greased cake tin – add the meat and grated cheese (it doesn’t have to be cheddar – it’s important that it melts well.   
12. Cover with the rolled out smaller piece of dough and put it all together.   
13. Brush with milk, sprinkle with sesame seeds and put into the oven at 180 ° C/360F.
14. After 30 minutes, it’s ready! 😉

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