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Creamy Chocolate

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Hello my chocolate lovers!! Don’t you crave for a large decadent dose of chocolate right now ??

Yes you do? Well that’s perfect, because I just happen to have the ideal recipe for you!! Please welcome my creamy chocolate!!

It’s a recipe that I “stole” from Valrhona‘s website… I confess…

And since it is such a delight, I had to share it with you!!

This recipe can be a part of another dessert like an insert in a mousse, or as a topping for individual cakes (here on top of chocolate shortbread cookies) or simply on a delicious chocolate tart.

In such case, you just have to make a pastry (shortcrust, sweet, shortbread, hazelnut shortbread) that you will bake without anything on it. Once cooled down, spread the creamy chocolate and that’s it!!


60 g egg yolks or 3 egg yolks
30 g sugar
150 g cream (30% fat minimum)
150 g milk
120 g dark chocolate


1-Mix the egg yolks with the sugar, do not whiten.

2-Boil milk and cream in a sauce pan.

3- Pour on the egg yolk and sugar mixture.

4- Pour back in the sauce pan and cook at medium heat and keep whisking. (if you have a thermometer, keep the mixture at 85 degrees).

5- When you mixture gets thicker but is still liquid, remove from the heat.

6- Pour on the chocolate cut in pieces. Wait for the chocolate to get soft and mix.

7- Mix with your had mixer and try not to put air in the mixture.

8- Set aside in your fridge with a cling film until use.

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