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250g of wheat flour (all purpose)
50g lard or butter (soft)
50g of sugar
3g dry yeast
1 egg 80ml of milk
1 Teaspoon vanilla extract 1/2 tsp orange blossom water
1 pinch of salt
1 egg (for brushing) To decorate the

Easter bagel:

350g of pastry cream
10u of candied cherries Granulated sugar w/n (granella)


How to prepare the Dough for Rosca de Pascua:

1. Place the flour, sugar, pinch of salt in a bowl and mix. Add the yeast, milk, vanilla essence, orange blossom water and egg. Mix well until all the ingredients are incorporated, there should be no dry flour left.

2. Add the butter and mix again to incorporate. Place the dough on the work table and begin to knead vigorously until you achieve a smooth and even bun.

3. Place the bun in a bowl, cover and let rest for about 40 minutes.

4. Sprinkle flour on the table, place the bun and press with your fingers in the center until you pierce the dough and make a hole. Take the bagel in the air, stretch, letting it fall under its weight, and rotate constantly to make it as even as possible.

5. Grease a mold, place the bagel inside, cover and let it rest until it doubles in size. The dough must come into contact with all the walls of the mold How to decorate and bake the Rosca de


1. Once the dough rises, paint the entire surface with egg. Then decorate with Pastry Cream, making a zigzag all around the bagel and completing the places where you can see the dough with more cream. Decorate with candied cherries and finally with granulated sugar or β€œgranella”.

2. Bake for 20 minutes at medium temperature (180ΒΊC).

3. Remove from the oven, let cool and unmold. It’s ready to cut and enjoy!

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