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Hazelnut Cream

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Prepare the night before!
230g T55 flour;
40g hazelnut powder;
70g icing sugar;
1 pinch fleur de sel;
140g of butter,
1 egg, Freeze the excess


In your food processor, with the sheet, mix at speed ½ all the dry ingredients and the butter and mix 2min at speed 2 Add the Egg and mix until the dough comes off the walls.

Sand the dough with the palm of your hand (not very much), form a square with the dough, film in contact and refrigerate overnight.

The next day, darken your pie and refrigerate 15/20min, Praline whipped ganache: To be done ideally the day before or 6 hours before -Ganache with hazelnut praline
100g white chocolate
100g homemade praline
350g of hot single cream
2.5g gelatin powder


Heat 220g of liquid cream and add the gelatin mix and add the hazelnut praline.

Add the rest of the very cold liquid cream and mix with an immersion blender.

Pour into a dish / container, Film in contact and reserve overnight in the fridge or 6 hours minimum

The next day whisk the ganache. hazelnut cream 100g of hazelnut powder; 100g of butter (very soft, almost melted); 100g of sugar; 2 eggs;

Mix everything gently and pour on the bottom of the pie then cook for 25 min at 180°c continue in Comment Nice evening, Mayem

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