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1 condensed milk
1 milk cream
200 ml of whole milk
24 g unflavored colorless gelatin
40 g of gelatin flavor of your preference
250 ml of cold water
250 ml of hot water


First of all, in a pot with 10 tablespoons of cold water soup, it is necessary to hydrate 24 g of colorless gelatin. Powder the gelatin on top of the water and leave to hydrate.

In a liquidizer, place the condensed milk, like 200 ml of milk and the cream of milk. Eat lightly hydrated colorless gelatin in the microwave for 15 seconds or in a water bath to melt, then place the liquidizer together with the other ingredients.

Beat for about 1 minute on high speed. Transfer for a medium form of pudim without needing to spread with anything. Cover with plastic film and leave the geladeira for approximately 2 to 3 hours.

After pulling the geladeira, reserve. To prepare the gelatin, place in a jug 250 ml of hot water and the 2 gelatin envelopes (20 g each) and mix until dissolved.

Add more 250 ml of cold water when you see that the gelatin dissolves. Let cool completely inside or outside the geladeira to be able to rise to the shape of the pudim.

With the cold gelatin, unravel the sides and or the middle of the pudim until it is RELEASED so that when it increases to the gelatin, paste the edges, on the bottom and not in the middle so that it forms a layer of gelatin on the pudim.

As the pudim loosens its shape, clear the edges of the hairs with gelatin so that it penetrates the holes. Observe if or when you place the gelatin, if it boils, if it does not boil, use a spatula to help it rise and open more spaces so that the gelatin can penetrate and cover the whole or the powder well.

Mild for the geladeira for approximately 2 hours. To loosen the shape, use a spatula on the sides and do not shape it carefully.

Pass the edges with a spatula with an inclined shape so that the spatula can better penetrate and release the edges.

Turn to form in a base to misinform, of some batidinhas and misinform with care.

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