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Lemon  brigadeiro cake

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Lemon  brigadeiro cake

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02 Eggs
1 xícara of oil
1 xícara of milk
2 xícaras of wheat farinha
1 1/2 of crystal sugar
4 colheres of chocolate soup em pó 50% cacau, that of father
1 Colher of fermented soup em pó (Pó Royal)

-Preparation mode:

Spread the shape with butter and then dust or chocolate. Beat or excess. Preheat the oven at 180 degrees. In a large bowl or bowl, place the farinha and the


Depois acrescente o açúcar e misture bem. Leave reserved. Non-liquidifying whisk with eggs or milk and oil for about 2 minutes. Then paste this mixture that you beat in the liquidizer and clear it in the bowl where we reserve the mixture of farinha with chocolate and sugar.

Mix well to wrap all the ingredients. When everything is well mixed, it is time to place the ferment.

Place the ferment, mix well devagarinho, without press. Place the dough in a greased form and place to roast. More or less about 35 minutes, it depends a lot on the oven!

-Coverage: 1/2 can of condensed milk 1 xícara of milk 2 colheres of margarine without salt 2 tablespoons of crystal sugar 2 colheres of cheia de cacau soup Place all the ingredients on the panela and with the low heat, mix until ferver. At the right time, it’s cool, but when it’s cold, the time is more consistent.

-Limão coverage 1 can of condensed milk 1 lime taiti
-fazer mode Only mix the condensed milk with the lemon until it reaches the point. It is very important that you use the father’s chocolate 50% cocoa.

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