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-4 cups of water for pot coffee jelly
-1 cup of instant coffee for pot coffee jelly
-1 piloncillo for pot coffee jelly
-2 cinnamon sticks for pot coffee jelly
-4 sachets of hydrated and melted gelatin for coffee jelly
-4 cups of milk for milk jelly -1/2 cup of refined sugar for the milk gelatin
-4 sachets of melted and hydrated gelatin for milk jelly

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For the pot coffee jelly, heat a pot over medium heat with the water, add the coffee, piloncillo and cinnamon. Cook until all the ingredients are incorporated, add the gelatin and reserve.

Pour the preparation into a mold or rectangular tray, set in the fridge. Remove and cut into medium cubes.

For the milk gelatin, heat a saucepan over medium heat with the milk, dissolve the sugar, add the gelatin and mix until fully incorporated. Cool and reserve.

In a screw mold, place the gelatin cubes that you cut previously, pour the milk gelatin into the mold, set for 2 hours in the fridge, unmold and serve.

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