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Nice Bis Cake

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Cake Base:

➡01 packet of cornstarch ball
➡100 grams of margarine at room temperature


➡250 ml of whipped cream
➡1 can of condensed milk
➡3 eggs
➡2 colheres of water soup
➡200 ml of milk
➡Baunilha to taste
➡3 colheres of sugar soup
➡1 colher de chã of gelatin without flavor


➡200 grams of bittersweet chocolate
➡1 milk cream caixinha


➡2 boxes of bis branco
➡1 packet of masala masa
➡2 boxes of bis ao leite

Preparation Mode Cake base:

1-Process the ball at the end of the farinha, together with the margarine and turn a dough that is put into a removable ring shape, level or oven for 10 minutes and reserve.


1-Em a panela place or condensed milk, or milk and as 3 gems, allow to thicken to form a cream

2-Dissolve the colorless gelatin in 2 tablespoons of water soup (in a bain-marie or not in the microwave), mix with the cream and allow to cool.

3-Bata as clear in snow, and misture as or creme that was reserved, creme or chantilly delicately.


1-Line a mobile bottom assadeira with the balls of maisena and on the side as the Bis alternating with the cores.

2-Place or light white cream for geladeira for about 4 hours.


1-In a container place the chocolate cut into pieces and the milk cream.

2-Lightly microwave for about 1 minute Mix well and place on top of the white cream decorate with the white cream.

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