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Poppy seed sherbet cake

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Poppy seed sherbet cake

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3 eggs
1 glass of sugar
1 glass of oil (200 ml)
1 glass of milk (200 ml)
1 cup semolina
1 cup blue poppy seeds
1.5 cups of flour
1 packet of baking powder
1 packet of vanilla

For the sherbet:

2 glasses of water (400 ml)
2 cups of sugar

For the above:

1.5 packs of whipped cream
1.5 cups of milk (300 ml)

Preparation of

Let’s first prepare the syrup for our poppy seed cake.  To do this, let’s mix sugar and water in the pot.  Then let’s let it boil.

Let’s take our sherbet, which has started to boil, from the stove after boiling it for 15 minutes.  Let’s keep it aside to cool.

For the cake, let’s put the eggs and sugar into the mixing bowl. 

Let’s beat it with a mixer until it turns white and foamy.

Let’s add milk, oil, semolina, flour, blue poppy seeds, baking powder and vanilla and continue whisking.

After our cake mixture is ready, let’s grease the baking tray we will use with oil.
Then, let’s pour our mixture into my debt and spread it evenly.

Let’s leave our cake to bake for 30 minutes in the preheated oven at 170 °C, on a fanless setting.

Let’s take the baked cake out of the oven and wait a few minutes for the first heat to come out.

Let’s make holes on it with a toothpick and pour the syrup we prepared over the cake.

Let’s put the cake in the refrigerator for about 1 hour to cool down at room temperature.

For the whipped cream on top, put the whipped cream and milk into the whisking bowl.  Let’s beat it with a mixer until it thickens and reaches the consistency of foam.  The milk you use at this stage must be cold.

Let’s spread the whipped cream we prepared on our cooled dessert, evenly.
Then, let’s slice our poppy seed sherbet cake and decorate it as we wish and serve it. 

Enjoy your meal!

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