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Prestigious cake bowl

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3 eggs
1/2 xícara (chá) of oil
1 xícara (chá) of milk
1 xícara (chá) of sugar
1 xícara (chá) of chocolate in po
2 xícaras (chá) of wheat farinha
1 colher (soup) of ferment shredded coconut to taste

-Ingredients for broth:

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1 bottle of coconut milk
1 xícara (chá) of milk
3 colheres (soup) of sugar

-Ingredients for recipe:

1 can of condensed milk
1 colher (soup) of margarine 100 g shredded coconut

-Ingredients for coverage:

3 colheres (soup) of margarine
8 colheres (soup) of sugar
2 colheres (soup) of chocolate in po
2 xícaras (chá) of milk

-Preparation mode:

Non-liquidifying whisk, eggs, or oil and milk for 3 minutes and reserve.

In a container, mix the sugar, or wheat, or ferment, or chocolate and or grated coconut to taste. Pour into the mixture of the liquidizer and mix until the mass is consistent.

Clear the dough in a lightly greased form in the medium oven, preheated, for 30 minutes or until it cooled in a tong, it came out clean. Let cool, cut in half and reserve.

For the broth:

In a container, mix the coconut milk, or milk and sugar, and sprinkle over the medium-cut dough to moisten it.

For the cheese:

In a panela, mild or condensed milk, with margarine and or grated coconut on the stove until the bottom is crumbled and the cheese is cake. Cover with another goal of the mass, make some furos like the hook and clear more hot.

For coverage:

Mild margarine, or sugar, or chocolate dipped in poo and milk over the stove to obtain a firm consistency and cover the cake.

Mild to geladeira for approximately 45 minutes. You can also make a brigadeiro topping to leave your bun still more tasty

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