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REESE’S CHEESECAKE gluten & lactose-free

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Chocolate layer:

250g low-fat quark (vg/lf)
250g yogurt (vg/lf)
500g cream cheese (vg/lf)
2 eggs
80ml oat milk + 35g chocolate pudding powder
2 tsp cacao or chunky flavor chocolate
30g vegan chocolate protein powder

Peanut layer:

180g cream cheese (vg/lf)
120g yogurt (vg/lf)
50g peanut powder or peanut protein powder
20ml plant milk + 10g vanilla pudding powder
1 egg

Bake at 160 degrees (top/bottom heat) for 60 min.

Peanut Frosting:

40g peanut powder or protein powder peanut, 100ml plant milk, 5 flavor drops vanilla

Chocolate Frosting:

5g cacao or chunky flavor chocolate, 15g protein powder chocolate, 70ml plant milk


In two separate bowls, first mix the chocolate batter and the peanut batter.

The order doesn’t matter, but let the pudding powder dissolve in the milk.

Then pour half of the chocolate batter into a 20cm springform pan, add the peanut mixture on top and then the chocolate batter again.

Put it in the oven and before you put the frosting on it, put the cake in the fridge.

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