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Santa Cake

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• 1 recipe Vanilla Sponge Cake

• 2 recipes Swiss Meringue Buttercream

• Red Food Coloring

• Green Food Coloring

• “Flesh” Food Coloring

• Black Food Coloring

• Piping Gel


• Prepare the vanilla sponge cake. Cool and ice it.

• Prepare the Swiss Meringue Buttercream.

• Separate out some for the various colors – red, green and flesh.

• Make some black colored piping gel.

• Have some parchment paper conesavailable

Decorate the cake!


• Using the flesh colored buttercream, ice a section of the top which will represent the skin around the eyes and nose.

• Using red buttercream ice the area above the flesh colored portion to represent the hat,

• Using white buttercream, pipe rosettes to represent the hat furry border.

• Continue piping white rosettes along the cake edge from one side of the red hat to the other, Fill in the beard with rosettes

• Pipe the mustache by making 2 reverse scrolls.

• Use black piping gel for the eyes.

• Pipe a red mouth under the mustache.

• Pipe 3 green holly leaves

• Use red buttercream to pipe the holly berries.

• Use red buttercream to pipe a reverse shell border on the top edge.

• With the white buttercream, pipe a reverse shell base border,

• Use green buttercream to make offset dots around the cake.


• Pipe a flesh colored nose above the mustache.

• Wow, stand back and look in awe at the creation you created!

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