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Cake chocolat

Torta troncha toro

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Torta troncha toro

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* Oil 375 Ml
* Sugar 500 g
* Melted Cup Chocolate 100 g
* Eggs 3 Units
* Vanilla essence 15 c.c.
* Flour 375 g
* Lemon Juice 15 cc.
* Milk 375 Ml
* Baking Powder 14 g
* Cocoa 86 g
* Cornstarch 65 g
* Margarine 12 g
* Cocoa Powder 45 g
* Milk 1/2 lt
* Sugar 100 g
* Arequipe 300 g



* Prepare a buttermilk, for that we must mix the milk with the lemon juice.

* Combine the eggs and sugar separately in a bowl, cream with the mixer until it has a creamy consistency and then add the oil little by little.

* When the mixture looks homogeneous, add the essence and continue beating.

* Combine the previously sifted dry ingredients: flour, cocoa and baking powder.

* Little by little add the dry ingredients and buttermilk to the mixture, alternating them with each other and then beat until you obtain a smooth mixture without lumps.

* Add 100 g of melted chocolate.

* Pour the mixture into two previously greased 20 cm molds with waxed paper on the bottom.

* Bake at 160°C for approx.  45 minutes.


* Once both cakes are ready, place the first one and fill it with the chocolate cream.

* When the cream has expanded evenly, proceed to place the other cake on top.
* Finally, cover the entire cake with the chocolate cream.


* Place all the previously blended or beaten ingredients in a pot (strain to avoid lumps).

* Bring to medium heat, mixing with a paddle or hand mixer until it has the consistency of thick cream.

* Add the margarine when it thickens, stir well until the margarine is diluted, remove from the heat and let it cool, covering the cream with plastic so that a hard layer does not form.

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