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Trump And His Allies Have Lost Nearly 60 Election Fights In Court

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The campaign’s latest legal failures come as the Electoral College votes to affirm President-elect Joe Biden’s win on Monday.

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump had another brutal weekend in court, with the US Supreme Court and other judges across the country rejecting his latest efforts to overturn his loss to President-elect Joe Biden.

Trump and his allies have lost 59 times in court since Nov. 3, according to a running tally on Twitter from Marc Elias, the lawyer leading Democrats’ fight against the GOP’s post-election challenges. The Supreme Court’s one-paragraph rejection of Trump and Texas’ bid to invalidate more than 20 million votes on Friday night was just one of a string of fresh losses that the president has faced over the past 72 hours alone.

The odds that the justices would step in on the eve of Monday’s Electoral College vote to throw the presidential race into turmoil were slim to none. The justices stopped Texas’s unprecedented attempt to sue Pennsylvania, Georgia, Wisconsin, and Michigan — all states that Biden won — at the door. But judges ruled over the weekend in other, narrower legal fights that the president filed in recent weeks, and rejected those, too.

Trump’s back-to-back losses highlighted the breadth of Trump and Republican’s failure to convince judges of every political background and at every level of the US judicial system to undo Biden’s victory. The fact that the Electoral College is meeting on Monday to make the results official makes it even less likely that judges will do anything dramatic going forward.


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