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Vegan Christmas Cake

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800g pre soaked mixed fruit soaked in brandy
100g Dates
200g Dried figs
100g Mixed fruit
100g Dried cherries
300g Sultanas

3TBSP milled flaxseed
7TBSP boiling water

200g Self-raising flour
1tsp Bicarbonate of soda
75g Light brown sugar

58ml sunflower oil
200ml plant milk
50g Black treacle
0.5tsp Lemon juice
1.5tsp Vanilla extract

Whole blanched almonds to decorate

Preheat the over to 160 fan

Line a cake 16cm cake tin, bottom and sides.  Place onto a baking tray.



The ingredients are grouped together to make the method simpler.  Vegan cakes rely on chemistry to build the structure so wet and dry ingredients are combined at the last moment and then popped into the oven immediately.

1. Pre soak the dried fruit in 4-6 TBSP of brandy overnight.

2. Create the vegan egg.  Add the 7 TBSP of boiling water to the 3 TBSP milled flaxseed and put to one side while you weigh out the rest of the ingredients.

3. Combine all of the dry ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix thoroughly.

4. Measure out all of the wet ingredients into a jug and stir until fully combined.

5. Add the soaked fruit and brandy (juice) to the dry ingredients and mix.

6. Empty the wet ingredients into the mixer and let them start to combined.

7. Add the vegan egg mixture and continue to mix for about a minute.

8. Empty the cake mixture into the cake tin and smooth the top flat.

9. decorate with whole blanch almonds in a pleasing pattern.

10. Bake for one hour or until cooked.


11. Once cooked the cake should rest in the tine of 15 minutes before removing to cool.

12. Pierce cake and feed with 1 TBSP of brandy every 7 days.

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