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Broaster Chicken

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Broaster Chicken

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Broaster Chicken is a beloved comfort food known for its crispy and flavorful exterior. The process involves marinating chicken pieces, coating them in seasoned flour, and then pressure frying them in a special Broaster pressure fryer.


800 g of chicken thighs and wings (or another part of the chicken to taste)
2 teaspoons cumin powder
2 teaspoons garlic powder
1 teaspoon chili powder or ground cayenne
30 ml wine vinegar
150 g wheat flour
80 g cornstarch (either starch or potato starch)
150 ml milk
Abundant oil for frying
Tomato sauce to accompany (optional)


1-We prepare and salt the chicken and put half of the spices and the vinegar in a bowl.

2-We mix and make a paste.

3-Add the chicken, mix and reserve.

4-We make a paste for a first batter with half of the flours and the milk.

5-On the other hand, we mix the rest of the flours with the rest of the spices and reserve.

6-We pass the marinated chicken through the liquid paste for a first coating.

7-We drain it and pass it through the dry mixture of flours and spices.

8-We leave the breaded chicken pieces on a plate.

9-Fry the chicken pieces little by little.

10-We turn the chicken and continue frying it until it is completely cooked and golden.

11-We remove the fried chicken to a plate with kitchen paper.

12-We serve the broaster chicken freshly made.

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