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Orange cake


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“With a burst of citrus brightness, the dish came to life with an orange glaze that coated every succulent bite. The glossy sheen hinted at the perfect balance of sweetness and tang, elevating the flavors to a symphony of delight.


3 eggs
1 natural yogurt
2 glass measures of sugar yogurt
1 grated lemon or orange
3 measures of flour
1 tablespoon oil
butter to spread the mold
1 sachet of yeast, and a pinch of salt
the juice of one orange and 4 tablespoons of icing sugar or icing for the glaze


1. Preheat the oven to 170º and spread a cake mold with the butter.  Beat the eggs with the blender until they double in volume and are very foamy.  We add the sugar and beat for a while so that they are well dissolved, it has to be very foamy.

2. We continue with the yogurt, and the oil, we beat again.  We add the grated lemon pulp and forget about the blender.  We pass the flour with the yeast through a sieve and add it little by little and mixing well with a fork.

3. Once well mixed, pour it into the mold, and in 50 minutes it is done.  This time I made double the amounts (except for the lemon and the yeast that I added about and a half) to make two large cakes, one normal and one with the experiment.


4. Mix the sugar with the juice and heat, stirring with a wooden spoon, until it becomes a very foamy syrup and we notice a little consistency, patience which takes a while.

5. We let it cool a little, unmold the cake and when it is warmer, we pour the syrup on top.  It will look like this once it has cooled.

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