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Cheesecake without cheese

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Cheesecake without cheese

Cheesecake without cheese, often referred to as a “mock cheesecake,” is a delightful dessert that replicates the creamy texture and rich flavor of traditional cheesecake without using cheese.

Ingredients (20 cm form):

– 120g oatmeal/gluten-free cookies – 65g peanut butter – I use it from  – 65g low-sugar jam – I use peach
Cheesecake layer
– 600g of thick natural yogurt
– 400g mango pulp
– 3 packages of sugar-free lemon jelly (3x14g) / optional classic jelly 3 packages of 70g
– 15g of gelatin
– 400ml boiling water


➡️ Bottom

1) Blend the cookies into dust.  Add peanut butter, jam and knead.

2) Place the resulting mass on the bottom of a mold with a removable bottom (greased and lined with paper).  Set aside in the fridge.

➡️ Cheesecake layer
1) Measure 400 ml of boiling water.  Add jelly and gelatin, mix and set aside to cool completely.

2) Mix natural yogurt and mango pulp thoroughly in a bowl (if you see any lumps of yogurt, blend lightly).  Add cold jelly, mix and pour into the form.  Set aside in the fridge for 2 hours (or preferably overnight).

3) After removing it from the mold, cut out small holes – I used a melon spoon.  Divide into 8 large portions .

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