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Churros homemade

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Churros homemade

Churros are a well-known dessert in the world.  It is a fried dough in the shape of a cylinder, sprinkled with sugar and served with a cup of hot chocolate or with syrup on top.

It is a widely spread popular recipe, which is why it can be found in cafes.  But, are you one of those who prefers to make desserts at home to pamper your family?  With this step-by-step recipe you can make churros easily and, best of all, without a churrera.


To prepare churros for 8 people, you should gather these ingredients that you may already have at home:

• 250 grams of wheat flour

• 250 grams of water

• 1 teaspoon salt

• Oil for frying

• Sugar

Preparation of the churros

We teach you how to make homemade churros using a pastry bag, ideal if you don’t have a churros.  These are the steps:

• Heat the water with the salt.

• Pour all the flour into a bowl.

• When the water boils, add it completely to the flour.  Use a wooden spoon to combine.  The result will be a sticky dough.

• Pour all or part of the mixture into the pastry bag (depending on its capacity).  It is best if the nozzle is star-shaped.

• Make portions of dough with the nozzle and place them on a kitchen towel.  In this way the dough is cooled.

• Put plenty of oil in a frying pan and when it is hot (between 195 and 200º) put the portions of dough that you obtained in the previous step.  Cook over medium heat.

• When the churros are fried, put them on kitchen paper on a tray.

• To serve, sprinkle with sugar and accompany with some syrup of your choice.  You can also put this in a cup so that the diner can dip the churro to their liking.

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