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Chicken Recipe

Coca cola chicken

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Coca cola chicken

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Coca Cola chicken is a recipe that is ideal for lunch, a different way of preparing chicken to get out of the routine.  It will be combined with Coca Cola, this will be the sauce of the dish, it will also provide a sweet touch to the recipe, which will make the difference.

Next, a very simple recipe will be taught for preparing Coca Cola chicken, which you can do at home without any complications.

• Preparation time: 50 minutes.

• Servings: 4 to 5 people.


• 6 chicken thighs.

• Coca Cola (300ml, can also be any other dark carbonated drink).

• 1 onion.

• 5 cloves of garlic.

• 60 grams of wheat flour.

• Salt.

• Pepper.

• Olive oil.

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In order to obtain a juicy Coca Cola chicken with that sweet touch, what you should do is make sure you have all the necessary ingredients, in addition to following the preparation steps to the letter, these are explained below:

Step 1

To prepare the base of this recipe, the first thing to do is peel and cut the onion into small pieces.

Step 2

Cook the onion over low heat, to do so you will have to add a little olive oil, so that it browns and takes on color.

Step 3

To give a touch of intensity and more flavor to the dish, the 5 cloves of garlic should be peeled and cut very finely. If you don’t like garlic very much, you can reduce the quantity.

Step 4

Once the garlic is added, it is time to prepare the chicken. To do this, start by adding salt and pepper to taste, then dredge the chicken in flour to give it a crunchy touch.

Step 5

The chicken should be added to seal, with the garlic and onion, and left there for a few minutes so that it cooks a little and in this way it can capture all the flavors.

Step 6

Add the Coca Cola to the chicken, this will provide a juicier finish with a sweet touch to the sauce, then let it dry for about 2 minutes so that everything cooks.

Step 7

If the sauce needs a little texture, you can add more flour diluted with water.  This will make the sauce take on more “body.”

In this way you will have concluded with the preparation of your exquisite Coca Cola chicken.  The only thing left is to plate and you can enjoy this delicious and original dish.

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