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Crazy Nega Cake with Ganache

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Crazy Nega Cake with Ganache

Crazy Nega Cake with Ganache is a delightful dessert that combines rich flavors and textures. The cake itself boasts a moist and decadent crumb, while the ganache adds a velvety smoothness.

For mass:

Beat with a mixer (or by hand)
3 whole eggs
1/2 cup of oil
1 cup of sugar
Beat until very light.  Then add:
2 cups wheat flour
1 cup chocolate powder
1 cup of boiling water
1 tbsp cocoa powder

Then you don’t need to mix too much, because of the hot water and flour, otherwise the dough will be too heavy.  Beat enough until those little air bubbles appear. 


1 tbsp of yeast and gently incorporate it into the dough, and bake in a greased and floured pan or tray.  (I use chocolate powder, or even Nescau, to make it very black and not have that little crust of flour around it).

The oven time depends on each stove, do the toothpick test to see if it is cooked.

You can make this recipe with Nescau/Toddy chocolate, but it won’t be the same.

  Topping: 200 gr of melted semi-sweet chocolate with 2 boxes of cream

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