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Dream Cup

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1 box of cherry-flavored gelatin powder 1 CUP (tea) of hot water
1 CUP (tea) of ice cubes
1 can of condensed milk
2 tablespoons (soup) starch
1 and 1/2 cans of milk (use the empty condensed milk can to measure)
1/2 cup (tea) of chopped cherries in syrup to decorate
1 CUP (tea) of suspiros crunches to decorate

Preparation mode:


To dissolve the gelatin in hot water and then beat in the blender with the ice cubes until completely dissolved. Divide among glasses and refrigerate for 2 hours to solidify.

Bring the condensed milk, the starch dissolved in the milk and the yolk to medium heat, stirring constantly until thickened.


Remove from the heat and leave to cool covered with plastic film so as not to form a film.

Distribute the cream over the already firm gelatin and decorate with the cherries and the sigh on top.

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