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Gordon Ramsay’s Thanksgiving Recipe Guide

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now we’re gonna make an amazing butter
and this is sort of the start of the
the most important part keeping that
bird incredibly moist
soft butter a touch of salt and pepper
little touch of olive oil in there that
stops the butter from burning
next add the zest of two lemons and
their juice
this gives the flavored butter a
wonderful citrus zing
three cloves of garlic turkeys are very
delicate dainty meat
and that’s why i want the garlic pureed
so it sort of disintegrates
and flavors a turkey gently without
becoming too overpowering
then add a generous handful of chopped
wow that smells incredibly light give
that a good mix
turkey’s a very very very lean bird and
it dries out
so it’s so important to make sure that
we help it
to cook perfectly butter done
now prepare the turkey we’ll season the
inside the cavity salt and pepper
next half two onions and pop them in as
they roast
they steam inside the bird giving a
lovely sweetness
put in the lemon and a couple of bay
leaves for their bittersweet spicy
we’re sort of lining the inside of the
turkey with these fantastic
sort of flavours you can see the bird is
upright and it’s looking sort of
like it’s standing to attention now it’s
time to add the flavored butter just
very very carefully
open up the skin go through over the
of the breast and keep the skin intact
the idea is to gently loosen the skin
with your fingers so the butter can be
stuffed underneath it
now once you’ve loosened all the skin
off the top of the thighs
turn the bird around and just go through
here again hand up
and just release a little bit but don’t
completely break it because i don’t want
all that
butter to run out right
from there now take your butter
put it into a ball that smells amazing
lemony citrusy and just
sort of flatten it and stick that in
underneath one side now
once you’ve got it in there pull back
the skin and
just use that to sort of slide all the
way down
what we want to do now is line the top
of the breast with all that butter there
that butter is going to keep the turkey
breast really
seriously moist turn the bird round
and finish covering the breasts with the
turkeys originally came from north
america and they are best young and
my favorite breed for christmas is
either north of black or norfolk bronze
both of which have a wonderful gamey
take the rest of the butter and
carefully massage over the breast
legs and wings
you can do all this the night before and
simply cover the turkey with tinfoil
and keep it in the fridge ready to be
cooked on christmas day
into the tray
a little touch of olive oil now olive
oil on top again that protects it gets
that skin really nice and crispy and it
stops the butter from burning
now in the oven at 220 for 10 minutes to
get really nice and brown
quickly in she goes
that smells fantastic after 10 minutes
take the turkey out of the oven and
baste then cover the breasts
with smoked streaky bacon what i want to
is add a little bit more flavor i’m
already starting to think
about my gravy so the bacon protects it
stops it from drying out but it’s going
to start
to really give
my gravy a wonderful base
turn down the oven to 180 degrees
this five kilogram bird will feed eight
people comfortably
it needs roasting for two and a half
hours or half an hour per kilo
basting every so often
back in and now she’s on the way
look at that beautiful that smells
fantastic wow look at that
beautiful that
is 90 of your work done there to test
the turkey is cooked
stick a knife into the bottom of the
thigh and if the juices run clear it’s
the secret now is to let the turkey rest
uncovered for two and a half hours
as the meat relaxes it reabsorbs its
making it succulent and tender plus
it’ll be easier to carve
it might seem like a long time to let it
rest but remember
the turkey doesn’t need to be piping hot
because i’m serving it with hot gravy
that looks like a million dollars let
that rest
because the flavor will be 10 times more
exciting once it’s rested
as that turkey’s resting i want to make
the most amazing gravy
when i say amazing i really do mean
drain the excess fat from the roasting
tray and put it back on the heat
then remove the bacon from the top of
the turkey and the roasted onions from
the cavity
look at them my god they smell amazing
finally take out the roasted lemon first
of all
cut up the bacon
lovely bacon into the tray
hear how crispy that is that’s the start
of our gravy the onion look at it
beautiful it doesn’t get any better than
that chop that up
onion and bacon in that
smells incredible
when i first got the chance to cook
christmas lunch for the chefs in paris
they taught me one crucial thing i was
only 21 at the time
and they made me rest the turkey for as
long as i cooked it
so i cooked it for three hours and i
rested it for three hours
what a difference incredible
next chop up the roasted lemon and add
to the tray
put in a couple of sprigs of rosemary to
give it a lovely aromatic punch
and fry then add three chopped tomatoes
which helps thicken the gravy and give
it a lovely fresh taste
now it’s time to really get the turkey
flavor into the gravy
snap off the wing
take off all your little trimmings all
these little bits here
add that into your crayfi these are the
bits we never use
everyone throws them away off there
that little baby there take him off
i want that bang flavor delicious
try that off
it smells incredible
next pour in the dry cider this adds a
lovely subtle apple flavor
that really lifts the taste of the
turkey meat as the cider starts to
pour in the delicious resting juices
from the roasted turkey
wow there you go the most amazing flavor
when the liquid has reduced by half
crush the vegetables and the turkey
pieces with a masher
to extract the maximum amount of flavor
and basically what’s happening now is
that we’re giving the gravy a little bit
of body
pour in the chicken stock and reduce
in now a little taste
wow i mean just close your eyes wow it
oozes flavor
and turkey now sieve it use the back of
the ladle to push it through the sieve
extracting every last drop of flavor
pop in a sprig of rosemary and leave to
infuse ready for the finishing touch
simply add crushed walnuts to the bottom
of the gravy boat and ladle in the hot
gravy we’re just going to do
again a little twist the potatoes we do
need some goose fat
no no
goose fat so we’re going to do a really
nice lightly spiced
roast potato okay little chili flake
yeah chili flake just put a little bit
of heat in there for the christmas lunch
yup chili flake and a little bit of
turmeric i can’t believe you’re doing
roast potatoes with chili
now would you be so kind just to give
them a little cut cut the peeled
potatoes into quarters
and put into salted cold water in they
okay bring them up to the boil and
simmer for around eight minutes
drain and let them steam then season
with salt and pepper on there
and just a little teaspoon of chili
no that’s the sort of thing i would make
for supper and a saturday night or
you know really chilly flakes in
add a teaspoon of turmeric turmeric is a
member of the ginger family
it stains the potatoes a wonderful
golden color and has a lovely earthy
next drizzle in a little olive oil and
shake to coat them just let them roll
yeah that smells nice beautiful could
you get me the
stuffing please from the fridge put in a
preheated baking tray
with extra olive oil and cook at 200
degrees celsius
for about 40 minutes give a little shake
to make sure they don’t stick
and then i’ll just stick the stuffing up
on top here now that will take
roughly about the same time as potatoes
stuffing in potatoes done
nice why are you gonna play with the
kids i will do here okay see you shortly
thank you bye-bye now they
look and smell fantastic
look at that beautiful chicken with
garlic and chestnut stuffing
packed with flavor and earthy richness
for the stuffing fry finely chopped
onion garlic
and celery in hot olive oil
next add pine nuts which have a lovely
creamy taste
and chopped earthy cooked chestnuts
both add a wonderfully chewy texture and
richness to stuffings
and add chopped parsley
then stir in cooked wild rice
next take a whole deboned chicken it’s
fitting to do at home
but if you ask your butcher will do it
for you and pile the stuffing mixture
along the center now simply roll the
chicken up tightly
and tie it with your butcher string
then roast in a hot oven for just over
an hour
simply carve into magnificent thick
so impressive so easy and trust me this
is a dish guaranteed to get a fantastic
on any occasion turkey
the one hit wonder i’m absolutely
amazing bird stuff
onion orange garlic thyme and bailey
season truffle butter
this little beauty helps to take the
turkey to a different division these
cost 50 quid for that size
yes it’s expensive but boy is it worth
don’t chop the truffle too small because
we want to taste
and identify the truffle
parsley tarragon
salt touch of pepper
tablespoon of olive oil and that stops
the butter from burning
take your piping bag and fill it
separate skin from meat
bag in butter
massage salt
pepper olive oil
citrus breadcrumbs
thyme good old chef trick and pull down
and just peel it off his lovely flowers
pine nuts
bread orange
and to start browning sprinkle your
orange and lemon breadcrumbs
lemon juice
there we go beautiful
rest tin foil keeps it nice and warm and
it cools down slowly
so the breasts become really nice and
moist calm
what you can smell of course is that
amazing truffle
absolutely beautiful
turkey with truffle butter and citrus
breadcrumbs done

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