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Chicken Recipe

KFC style fried chicken

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KFC style fried chicken 🍗🍗😍😍

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Liter of carton milk (optional evaporated milk)
cumin powder
garlic powder
powdered ginger
Black pepper
Salt to taste
8 pieces of chicken (thigh, breast, wings)

Preparation mode :

1 – Beat an egg mixed with two cups of milk, once we have beaten the mixture, add the spices: garlic powder one teaspoon, cumin powder one teaspoon, ginger one teaspoon, salt to taste and pepper to taste, stir until well mixed.

2 – Taking a break in our kitchen, maybe you agree with me, if you’ve tried KFC’s fried chicken it has a special touch of pepper. Today I am going to reveal a trick so that the fried chicken that we prepare in our house comes out with a spectacular touch of pepper in the KFC fried chicken style.

3 – We continue to add the chicken into the mixture, we leave it for 30 minutes so that it marinates well, we can also make some holes with the fork or punch in the chicken pieces so that the marinade seasoning can penetrate and thus speed up the process.

4 – After the hour of marinating the chicken we proceed to bread ATTENTION Secret revealed! We mix the flour that we are going to use to bread the chicken with black pepper to taste so that we distribute it in balanced proportions at your discretion.

5 – When we have the breaded chicken, we soak it again with the marinade mixture and then we bread it again to create a thick layer of breading and it comes out crispy when frying

6 – We prepare our frying pan or fryer with plenty of oil at a medium temperature, the time to fry the chicken is approximately 15 minutes.

7 – Once all our chicken is fried you can accompany it with fries or KFC-style mashed potatoes

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