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Lotus Cookie Protein Cheesecakes

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Nutrition (1 whole cheesecake): ⁣
489 cals, 28.5P, 31C, 27F⁣

Ingredients (recipe makes 2 cheesecakes)-

For the cheesecakes:⁣


-65g @lotusbiscoffus cookies⁣
-23g light butter⁣
-110g low fat cream cheese⁣
-1 egg⁣
-115g nonfat Greek yogurt ⁣
-30g vanilla protein powder (I used pescience) ⁣
-4g stevia ⁣

For the topping:⁣

-1 Lotus cookie (1/2 for each topping)⁣
-2 tbsp  powdered sugar (optional)⁣



-Preheat the oven to 400F⁣
-Crush up the Lotus cookies into crumbs, and melt the light butter in another bowl. Mix the two together ⁣

Press the mixture into two mini springform pans sprayed with cooking spray (mine were 4 inches), cook for 10 mins⁣
-Meanwhile, mix the low fat cream cheese, egg, protein powder, and stevia in a bowl for the filling ⁣

Take the two crusts out of the oven, spray each with cooking spray, and pour the filling into the pans. Turn the oven down to 350F and cook for 20-25 mins (I cooked mine for 22 mins)⁣

Leave the cheesecakes on the counter for an hour to cool, then put in the fridge for 3+ hours (or overnight)⁣

For the topping, I mixed 2 tbsp of Swerve 0 calorie powdered sugar with 1/2 tsp water, then spread this on the cheesecake and topped each with 1/2 crushed Lotus cookie

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