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No bake coconut balls can be made with only 2 ingredients! A super simple dessert that is full of delicious coconut flavor.

It’s hard to believe these rich and delicious coconut truffles are made with just 2 simple ingredients. This dessert is fast and easy to make and perfect for a holiday or special occasion.


250gr grated coconut 
280g of sweetened condensed milk maltesers a little coconut for the coating (about 20gr)

Mix the coconut with the condensed milk until it has a consistency that holds together when you form a ball with the dough.

Take a little dough, put a malteser and close around it. Wrap in coconut then place on a plate. Keep refrigerated! Treat yourself

*You can replace the Malteser with a hazelnut, almond or a teaspoon of spread.

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