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Meatballs In Red Dauce

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-500 g ground beef
-1 raw egg
-2 tbsp olive oil
-1 piece of bread (approx 40 g)
-100 ml of warm milk
-1 clove garlic
-1 medium onion
-1 green pepper
-200 ml of tomato sauce
-3 boiled eggs -Salt, Oregano, Cumin and Pepper to taste
-1 tsp sugar
-250 ml of meat or vegetable broth (I dissolve 1 cube in 250 ml of water)
-1 cup of flour -Sunflower oil for frying



Cut the garlic, onion and pepper into very small cubes. Put the oil in a frying pan, and when it is hot add the cut vegetables, add a little salt to make them sweat and cover.

We are stirring from time to time so that they do not stick. We will know that they are cooked, when they become transparent, especially the onion. Remove from heat and reserve.


In a cup with warm milk, crumble 1 piece of bread and with 1 tablespoon we wet all the bread until it becomes a paste. In a bowl, prepare the meat mixture for the meatballs. We mix the meat, the egg, the bread soaked in milk, half of the vegetables that we had prepared (the other half we are going to use in the sauce), the condiments, the salt and we integrate everything. Cut the boiled egg in half, both vertically and horizontally, to obtain 8 small pieces.

With a spoon we take a portion of the meat mixture, flatten and hollow it out, add a portion of boiled egg and close. Give it a round shape to make the meatballs.

We pass these meatballs through flour and then fry them in hot oil. I chose to fry the meatballs first and then finish cooking in the sauce,


but there are those who add the meatballs directly to the sauce and cook the meat there.

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