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Beef recipe

Mexican beef broth

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Mexican beef broth

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Mexican beef broth is the most traditional dish you can prepare.  In addition to being exquisite, it retains all the traditional flavors of Mexican homes, an aspect that usually attracts everyone easily.  If you still don’t know how to prepare it, it’s time for you to learn and enjoy its exquisite flavor with your family.

Mexican beef broth ingredients

To prepare this homely and traditional dish, you must have each of the ingredients that will be mentioned at home.  But that’s not all, you also have to take into account the measures established there.

The ingredients for the Mexican beef broth are as follows:

• 2 pounds of beef chunks or chunks, bone-in is recommended.

• 1 head of garlic.

• 12 cups of water.

• 3 tablespoons of salt.

• 2 bay leaves.

• 16 corn tortillas, this ingredient is to the person’s taste.

• 1 large lime, preferably cut, likewise, this ingredient is the person’s preference.

• 4 white potatoes cut into cubes.

• 3 serrano chiles, preferably cut into small pieces.

• 1 white onion cut.

• 4 large carrots cut.

• 3 corn cut into three pieces.

• 4 cups of green cabbage.

• ½ cup cilantro.

Preparation of Mexican beef broth

Mexican beef cado is extremely simple to prepare, you just have to follow each of the steps that will be explained shortly, read carefully and start cooking this incredible dish that will delight everyone in your home.

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Step 1 Mexican beef broth

Find a pot that is large and also heavy, there pour 10 cups of water, also the bay leaves, garlic, beef and salt.  You should cook this until it boils, try to remove the foam if necessary.  Then you should cover the pot and cook it until the meat is soft, the cooking time is normally 1 to 2 hours.

Step 2

In the blender, you will need to add salt, the serrano chiles and ¼ cup of water.  Blend until everything is mixed, then proceed to reserve this mixture.

Step 3

When the meat is soft, remove the bay leaves and garlic, and in turn, add the potatoes, corn, onion and carrots.  At this point, you should add the remaining two cups of water, and check that the broth is well seasoned.

Let the mixture come to a boil, then cook over low, low heat until the potatoes are soft.

Step 4

For the Mexican beef broth, it is necessary that when the potatoes are soft, remove the corn and meat from the broth, and place them in another closed container to keep it warm.

Step 5

To the broth, you should add the cilantro and cabbage, and cook it until the latter is soft, cook for about 15 minutes and then let it rest for the same time.  Meanwhile, heat the corn cakes.

Step 6

Serve the broth and add the corn and the piece of meat. You can also decorate each dish with the lime, cilantro and serrano sauce to add a spicy touch.  Without leaving aside, corn tortillas are the best companion.

Find all the ingredients and prepare the Mexican beef broth, either to share at home, or for a party with friends or family.

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