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Mexican wheat tortilla

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Mexican wheat tortilla

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In Mexico the use of tortillas is very common because they are an excellent accompaniment to any meal.  The normal thing is that they can be bought ready-made.  However, making them at home from scratch gives them an exceptional flavor.  This recipe with just 5 steps will be of great help to make Mexican wheat totillas, quickly and easily.


• 600 g of flour.

• Sunflower oil.

• 1 cup of warm water.

• Salt.

It is important to note that these measures only make between 10 to 12 wheat tortillas.  If you want to make a little more because there are many guests, you just have to double the amount of ingredients and that’s it.  However, it is always necessary to maintain the balance of the ingredients.  Otherwise the mixture could go wrong and the result would not be the same.

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Preparation of wheat tortillas

Step 1

The flour should be placed in a large space and added a little salt.  Afterwards, a hole must be opened in the center, filled with water and also oil.  Little by little, integrate the ingredients with your hands and begin to knead.

Step 2

Continue kneading until the mixture has a homogeneous texture.  You can determine that the dough is ready when it no longer sticks to your fingers when you handle it.

It is advisable that when kneading the dough you do not bend it too much because a lot of air can enter, which causes it to harden.

Step 3

After the previous step, the dough should be stored for about 10 minutes or more if possible.  The longer it sits, the better it will be because the proteins and starch will grow.  This results in the air bubbles created by kneading disappearing.

Step 4

After the mixture has rested for 10 minutes, the tortillas will be formed.  To do this, take small portions of the dough and flatten it until it forms a fairly thin circle.  This process must be repeated until the dough runs out or when the desired number of tortillas is obtained.

It is important that when making the tortilla, it is not too large in size and much less thick.  Otherwise it would not cook correctly.

Step 5

Place a frying pan on the stove and then spread a little oil.  After it has a high temperature, each of the tortillas should be placed.  When they have a golden appearance, they should be turned over and cooked on the opposite side.

However, they should not be crunchy or hard, because most of the time filling is placed in the center and they bend.

Finally, it is recommended to accompany wheat tortillas with different sauces, beans or meats.  Either way, they will be delicious because they are undoubtedly the perfect companion in every Mexican dish.

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