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Food traditionnel

Monster Chicken Burger

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1 x packet Albany buns
6x PnP sweet chilli hashbrowns
1 x tub Lancewood pepper sauce
1 x punnet button mushrooms
1 tablespoon butterPinch salt
1x tomato (sliced)
20g Checkers rocket
12x slices Clover cheddar cheese
12x Khan’s crumbed chicken pattiesMayonnaise


  1. Grease a large oven tray and bake patties & hashbrowns till crispy but still moist inside.
  2. Whilst that is baking, slice button mushrooms.
  3. Heat a pan, add butter, allow to melt, add pinch salt & mushrooms. Mix and cook till just tender.
  4. Add pepper sauce to mushrooms and allow to heat through.
  5. Slice buns. Layer rocket, chicken patty, cheese, chicken patty, cheese, Pepper-Mushroom sauce, hashbrown, tomato, little drizzle of mayo, little more rocket and close bun with a skewer. Serve

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