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Cake chocolat

Passion fruit cake with Chocolate

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Check out this stunning chocolate cake with a creamy passion fruit curd. This moist and indulgent creation is a real showstopper and will make for an epic celebration dessert. Just look at that shine!

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This chocolate and passion fruit layer cake has been created by original GBBO winner and expert baker Edd Kimber.

Here’s Edd’s insider baking knowledge and inspiration for this recipe: This cake uses one of my favourite flavour pairings, passion fruit and dark chocolate. It was originally developed for my boyfriend’s birthday and, inspired by my love of French baking, it’s part patisserie and part birthday cake. It might take a little extra effort but, trust me, it’s absolutely worth it!

Ingredients: Mass:

1 and 1/2 packets of chocolate flavored biscoito (240g)
5 colheres (soup) of butter Request: 1 and 1/2 tin of condensed milk
1 can of passion fruit concentrate (use an empty can of condensed milk to measure)
1 can of cream of milk
1 gelatin envelope without flavor.

Coverage: 1 pot of Nutella type hazelnut flavored chocolate cream (250g) 1 can of cream of milk Chocolate rasps ao leite to decorate

Preparation mode:

For the mass, grind in a liquidizer, a few years, or biscuit and transfer to a tigela.

Mix in butter the lining or bottom and sides of a removable ring shape of 24cm in diameter. Mild in a high oven, preheated, for 10 minutes. Remove and let cool.

For the recipe, beat non-liquidifier or condensed milk, or dry, or cream of milk and gelatin prepared according to the packaging instructions. Place over a massa e leve à geladeira for 2 hours.

For coverage, beat non-liquidifying Nutella com o creme de leite. Unshape the cake, cover with icing, decorate with raspas and serve immediately.

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