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Powdered Milk Pudding

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Calda 1 xícara (chá) of sugar
3 xícaras (chá) of sugar
3 xícaras (chá) of leite em pó 2 xícaras (chá) of water
4 eggs 1 colher (soup) of maisena

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Preparation mode ⠀

In a panela, melt the sugar in a low heat, without mixing, to form a golden broth. Espalhe essa calda em una forma de buraco no meo de 24 cm de diâmetro. For the pudim, beat non-liquidifier or sugar, or leite em po, water, eggs and cornstarch to make homogeneous tea.

Clear in the caramelized and mild form in the medium oven, pre-heated, in a water bath, covered with aluminum foil, for 40 minutes or until you sign.

Let cool, mild à geladeira for 2 hours before unfolding and serving.

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