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Strawberry mousse cake

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Strawberry mousse cake

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If you are looking for a light dessert that does not require baking, the Strawberry Mousse Cake is the one. Well, it’s easy to make and you only need a stove. Plus, you only need a cookie base, gelatin, and other ingredients to prepare it. This dessert has become the favorite of the little ones in the house for its creaminess, flavor and texture. If you want to know how to make it from your kitchen, in this article we will tell you everything.


If you are going to prepare the Strawberry Mousse Cake, you should know that the products you will need are probably in your pantry or can be found in any supermarket. All of them are listed below:

• 200 grams of cookies.

• 100 grams of butter.

• 120 grams of sugar.

• 125 milliliters of milk.

• ½ kilogram of cream.

• 12 grams of unflavored gelatin.

• 200 grams of fresh strawberries.


Some think that this dessert is very laborious, but that is not the case. The process to make the Strawberry Mousse Cake is as follows:

Step 1

Place the cookies in a bag and with the help of a rolling pin begin to crush them until they become powder. It is important that there are no large pieces, as this is the basis for preparing the dough for the cake.

Step 2

Place the butter in the microwave for 60 seconds to melt. In a bowl, pour the crushed cookies and melted butter to form a dough.

Step 3

In a mold, spread all the dough to cover the bottom and keep it in the refrigerator.

Step 4

In a glass add a little milk and the unflavored gelatin and let it sit for 3 minutes to hydrate.

Step 5

In the blender, pour the strawberries to form a puree and pass it through the strainer to remove all the seeds and achieve a light texture.

Step 6

In a saucepan over medium heat, pour the milk along with the previously hydrated gelatin. Then, add the puree and form a cream. When it starts to boil, remove it from the heat.

Step 7

In a container add the sugar and cold cream, then add the previous cream to form a uniform mixture.

Step 8

Add the mixture to the cookie base and refrigerate for 3 hours to decorate with some fresh strawberries.

In short, you already know the entire process to make the Strawberry Mousse Cake. Being a very easy sweet because it does not require an oven and is delicious. Your whole family will love to taste this dessert.

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