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The Top 10 Most Desired Watches In The World

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PRACTICAL – Does the taste of time differ in France and elsewhere? Watchfinder & Co study lists the most desirable, and most desired, watches of the moment

And you, which one do you dream of? In this year in which time will have been largely confined, lovers of fine watches have had plenty of time to search online for the next direct watchmaking object that could end up on their wrist. Or to dream, because you only live once, of the most beautiful timepieces, not always so easy to afford, between prices and endless waiting lists.

This is why Watchfinder & Co., a specialist in pre-owned luxury watches now part of the Richemont group (which also owns many major watch houses) has looked into the online searches of watch enthusiasts. Google data from September 2019 to September 2020 was thus studied in order to identify the most sought-after models around the world. In total, this still represents more than 62 million searches for luxury watches involving more than 200 different brands and models.

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