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These 5 makeup habits can be harmful to your health

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We all have some bad habits that we repeat often. But, when it comes to the makeup routine, there are some things that women probably do without knowing they could be dangerous for them. This is why we took a look at common makeup habits that can cause significant damage to your skin and your health.

Share makeup with a friend
You lend your friend clothes and jewelry, so why not lend her your favorite lipstick? This habit is very bad because it puts you at risk of infection. According to dermatologist David Bank, Mount Kisco, New York, “By sharing eyeliners and lipsticks, you can run the risk of getting viral infections such as conjunctivitis and cold sores.

Australian woman claims she contracted a staph infection that left her confined to a wheelchair after using her friend’s makeup brush

Using expired makeup
“Best before dates exist for a reason, and most people don’t throw away products when they should,” says Dr. Bank. So, as you are throwing away expired milk, you should also throw away mascara, lipstick, or whatever product you have had for a long time.


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